Melanoma Survivor Story

I am a survivor of Melanoma…

melanoma survivor

I was diagnosed at the age of 6 with malignant melanoma. I was in and out of the hospital for over a year. My lymph nodes were removed from my left groin and I still suffer from swelling in my left leg.  The swelling I have is a reminder of how blessed I am to still be here.

Now I work for Sand Lake Dermatology Center, which is another blessing! What a full circle I have taken from being a patient at such a young age to now working with exceptional dermatologists and physician assistants that passionately work to prevent and treat skin cancers. Melanoma affects many! My story is not to be taken lightly.

Today is Melanoma Awareness Day! I encourage all those that have survived melanoma to share their stories in an effort to raise awareness. On this day and every day, make sure you are wearing sunscreen and putting sunscreen on your children. It is so important! And make sure to take time for annual skin check appointments with your dermatologist.

By: Judy Passmore, staff member at Sand Lake Dermatology Center


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