How to keep your makeup from melting in the summer heat

Summer is here and it is HOT! Heat and oil can make your makeup melt away and we have the frustrating task of trying to keep our makeup in place and our skin clean and clear. The combination of heat, sweat and oils from our skin makes our pores clog easily and can also cause breakouts so it’s really important to keep your makeup natural in the summertime months.

I am using Colorescience, which is a sun-protective skin care line. Colorescience products are formulated for different skin types and concerns and all of the products contain zinc and titanium, which are great physical blockers from the sun. Colorescience products are also great because they don’t contain any talc, dyes or fillers so the products do not absorb into the skin and clog pores. Click here to learn more about Colorescience minerals.

Colorescience has fantastic makeup primers that are designed to help makeup stay on all day, offer great benefits based on skin concern, and also provide SPF 20-30 sun protection. The skin mattifying face primer has an oil-absorbing formula that controls shine and reduces the appearance of pores to create a matte finish with the added benefit of sun protection. Other Colorescience makeup primers target concerns such as redness and hyperpigmentation.

I also love the Sunforgettable SPF50 mineral brush which releases sunscreen powder as you sweep it over your skin. It contains 11.8% zinc oxide and 21% titanium dioxide, which are great physical-blocking sunscreens. The powder leaves a smooth, matte finish, and helps to control some of the shine that appears across the T-zone as the day progresses.  In addition to the face, I use it on my ears, neck, chest, and the backs of my hands. I throw the Sunforgettable brush in my bag and carry it with me throughout the day without running the risk of sunscreen leaking or being heat sensitive. I love this product because with the powder brush applicator it offers the perfect solution to re-applying sunscreen over my makeup.

If you have any questions about Colorescience products for flawless and protected skin, not just for summer months but all year round, join us for Coffee & Colorescience on Thursday, June 25th or Friday, June 26th as we welcome Christen Williams, professional Colorescience makeup artist. Christen will be providing personalized color matching and application instructions with your scheduled consultation.

By: Nancy Foster, certified and licensed esthetician


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