Sunforgettable new product!

My patients know how strongly I feel about protecting our skin from the sun. Avoidance of peak hours of the sun (10 am – 4 pm) and use of sun protective clothing, hats, and umbrellas are key. I am also a devoted user of Elta MD sunscreens. However, I have always fallen short when it comes to reapplying sunscreen as often as I should, which is about every 2 hours. It can be difficult to reapply even lightweight sunscreens when I am all fixed up with nice makeup and clothing. But by adding the Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush to my routine, I can now effortlessly reapply my sunscreen.

SPF 50 BrushThe Sunforgettable brush releases sunscreen powder as you sweep it over your skin. It contains 11.8% zinc oxide and 21% titanium dioxide, which are great physical-blocking sunscreens. The powder leaves a smooth, matte finish, and helps to control some of the shine that appears across the T-zone as the day progresses.  In addition to the face, I use it on my ears, neck, chest, and the backs of my hands.  I can throw the Sunforgettable brush in my bag and carry it with me throughout the day without running the risk of sunscreen leaking.  And I love that I can quickly touch up my kids’ (and husband’s) sunscreen without a fuss!

If you are interested in a demo of the Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush, please ask during your next appointment or just stop by the office. The feedback that I am getting back from staff and patients who are using the Sunforgettable brush is fantastic!

By: Allison K. Arthur, M.D.


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