Long, luscious lashes with Latisse!

Beginning at age 28, our eyelashes start aging and becoming shorter, thinner, and lighter. I looked into eyelash extensions to help minimize the effect of eyelash aging but I wasn’t excited about applying adhesives to my lashes on a regular basis (every 3-6 weeks). Then I found prescription Latisse (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% anti-aging solution for your lashes. Latisse can achieve longer, fuller, and darker lashes in less than 16 weeks.

latisse 16 weeksBelow I have answered some frequently asked questions we receive from patients looking to use Latisse prescription eyelash growth.

How does Latisse work?

Our eyelashes go through a cycle of growing and resting just like the hairs on our head do. Shortly after the eyelashes enter the resting phase, they fall out and are replaced by shorter, new growing eyelashes. Latisse works by keeping eyelashes in the growing phase of the hair cycle instead of switching into the resting phase. This allows the eyelashes to grow longer, darker and fuller.

How do I apply Latisse?

Latisse should be applied with the synthetic sterile brushes supplied by the manufacturer. Each 5ml

bottle comes with enough brushes, packaged as pairs, to last 12 weeks. One drop of Latisse should be applied to one brush and applied to the upper lid lash line and repeated using the other brush for the other eye, at bedtime. This technique prevents contamination between eyes and provides the proper amount of medication to each eye. Latisse should not be applied to the bottom lashes or in the eye, and is not approved for use on other areas of the face. If you wear contact lenses, they should be removed and reapplied 15 minutes after applying Latisse.

What are the potential side effects?

Most common side effects are local irritation to the sites Latisse is applied; however, if irritation occurs it can be minimized by applying Latisse in the morning instead of at bedtime. There may also be a darkening of the color of the skin where Latisse is applied, which is usually reversible with discontinued use. It has been rumored that Latisse may cause a darkening of the pigmentation of the iris of the eye (area of eye color); however, in clinical studies of Latisse this did not occur. The color change occurred in a clinical study for Lumigan (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.01%, where patients applied drops directly to the eyes for glaucoma treatment. During this study, only 1 patient had darkening that occurred to their already brown eyes. As long as you are applying the Latisse only to the lash line, you should not have to worry about the product darkening the color of the eye.

How long do I have to apply Latisse?

Maximum results are achieved in 16 weeks and Latisse should continue to be applied daily in order to maintain the results. If discontinued, lashes will likely return to their baseline appearance.

For more information on how to achieve long, luscious lashes, make an appointment for a complimentary cosmetic consultation with one of our Latisse experts at Sand Lake Dermatology Center. Be sure to ask about our October special for wickedly long eyelashes. During the month of October, the 5 mL Latisse is on sale for $150 which is a $29 savings!

By: Nicole Hill, MPAS, PA-C


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