FSDPA Presidential Address

The Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants is a non-profit organization that consists of dermatology physician assistants practicing in the state of Florida. The main mission of the FSDPA is to build the working relationship between physicians and PAs as well as to promote education to dermatology PAs and students. The education is provided through various activities including monthly journal clubs, weekend seminars, and the yearly New Wave Educational Symposium.

I have been actively involved in the FSDPA and have volunteered my time to give back to my peers. I have held numerous positions in this organization, including serving as President for the past two years. As President, I had firsthand experience in developing FSDPA activities. Most of my time was spent organizing and planning the New Wave Educational Symposium which was held In May of 2014. This is a four day event that consists of various lectures and workshops covering dermatological conditions such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis, skin cancer, urticarial disorders, and cosmetic procedures. The symposium allows dermatology physician assistants to learn up-to-date information and treatment techniques for their patients and also provides an opportunity for PAs to meet leading physicians from all over the country and to share diagnosis and treatment challenges. The speaker list at the symposium consists of respected physicians and PAs, national lead investigators and leaders in the dermatology field. Some of the speakers for the 2014 symposium included Dr. Joseph Jorrizo, Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd, Dr. Brian Berman, Dr. Firas Hougeir, Dr. Todd Schlesinger, Dr. Pearl Kwong, Dr. Carlos Rocotti, and Sand Lake Dermatology Center’s Dr. Allison Arthur. At the 2014 symposium, Dr. Arthur presented an hour session on tips and strategies in diagnosing various Alopecia conditions.

FSDPAPAs work closely with their collaborating physicians and this message is displayed within in the FSDPA. The FSDPA hosts monthly journal clubs reviewing up-to-date papers and studies on dermatology disease processes. The journal clubs are mentored in conjunction with a Dermatology Physician. The physician will guide an open table discussion on the scientific papers presented at journal club. Dr. Christopher Crotty recently mentored a journal club on a discussion of CTCL.

Physician Assistants continue to gain up-to-date knowledge and new strategies on patient care. The FSDPA has been able to provide local quality and effective educational opportunities. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve as president of the FSDPA and represent my fellow Dermatology PAs these past two years. I look forward to seeing the PA profession continue to grow and prosper with collaborating physicians in the future.

By: Gina Mangin, MPAS, PA-C


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